About The Hall Bookstore


My name is Tameka Price.  I am the sole proprietorship of the Hall Bookstore.  Let me first tell you why I chose the name Hall for the bookstore.  Hall is my maiden name.  My grandparents are Ernest and Ida Hall.  As a child and way into my adult life, these two people played a very significant role in my life.  They were always there to offer support and guidance.  Even though sometimes, the guidance was not welcome, it was always needed.  My grandparents were my guiding light. So naming the store after them is my way of paying homage to two people who helped paved the way for me.

Now why a bookstore?  Why an African American bookstore?  First, I will say I have always loved books. I can remember getting the book fair flyer from school. I would go home with every book I wanted circled, to beg my mom and grandparents for money to get my books!  I loved the smell, the touch, the feel of a new book.  Reading as always been a passion and owning a bookstore just felt natural.

African Americans for the past year and years before has been tested and tried.  With the police brutality and systemic racism, we so desperately need an outlet for our mental health.  The Hall Bookstore is your safe haven to receive uplifting, motivation, self-pride and refuge.  Please come and share this experience with us. All feedback is appreciated.

 Hall Bookstore Vision Statement

We see a nation of African American who love to read. We are here to help make books more available to those readers who desire them the most. Our purpose is to improve their minds to increase their success.

Hall Bookstore Mission Statement

The Hall Bookstore Mission Statement  is to educate the nation by making them excited about learning again.