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There are few attributes that I treasure more than being a husband to Dedra Woolfolk, PhD and a father to Christopher, Brian, and Aaron. The knowledge that I have gained and the research that I have done while raising our family are the cornerstone of my guidance of young people. I was raised in southwest Atlanta, Georgia, a community that I have remain committed to. My favorite hobbies include golfing (a pastime that done in all 50 states and 4 continents around the world), riding my motorcycle, and traveling.

I am devoted to the support my community and the teenagers being raised in it. My primary area of dedication has been to Ben Hill Christian Church, where I have served in many roles including leader of a Sunday morning worship service for teens and a mentor to several young men. I have also been actively involved at my sons’ high school, where I have served on the magnet program’s board, on the School Governance Council, as a Volunteer of the Year, and as a trusted chaperone on multiple international trips. I mentor, support, and advocate for several groups of high schoolers. I encourage teens by attending their performances and sporting events both near and far. This proven dedication always carries over to my guidance and support of teenagers seeking to create their ideal college profiles.

My primary passion is helping teenagers reach their full potential. I feel a true sense of responsibility to the up-and-coming generation of young people, and I have a deep desire to see those young people succeed in life. I recognize that there are families who want the absolute best for their teens, but who are not sure how to approach college admissions, who detrimentally enable their kids’ bad academic habits, who fuel their kids’ lack of independent motivation, and who don’t successfully teach hard work and discipline. I want to arm students and their parents with knowledge about prospering in high school and creating an effective college admissions profile.

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